This game was created over a few days for Mega Trijam


"The End is Near"
"Mistakes Were Made"


  • All of the pixel art / animations took me over the 9 hour limit as only second time ever creating pixel art
  • Recommend to view in full screen mode
  • Use Konami code for easter egg (bonus points if you know what Christmas movie the easter egg audio clip is from)
  • Audio sound effects created using Bfxr
  • Artwork and animations all created from scratch (took all the time of my game jam)
  • Wrapped sound effect was a audio from asset store pack I had available
  • Music is from Artlist a royalty free music subscription I have

Controls (Controllers Supported):

Up Arrow = Move Up
Down Arrow = Move Down
Space = Pickup / Wrap / Deliver

Directional Stick = Move Around
A or X = Pickup / Wrap / Deliver

Things I ran out of time for:

  • More levels with additional tilesets to block paths and make interesting levels
  • Create a local multiplayer mode

Other Notes:

  • Learnt and used tileset system in Unity
  • Used Unity Scriptable Objects to ensure easy to create future levels and can scale easily
  • First time creating my own sprite sheets for animation
  • Learnt about animation blend trees to control animation for sprite sheets for top down RPGs
  • Only just started to learn "how to pixel art" and pretty pleased with result
  • Used Unity input system this time around properly
  • Made sure anchor points and UI elements can scale depending on resolution
  • Used pixel perfect camera for best retro looking results
  • Second ever "completed game" (they are never done) :D

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