This game was created in 3 hours to showcase a theme voted on by the Trijam community.


"Not the game you thought it was"


  • Recommend to view in full screen mode
  • This is a two player game (grab a friend :D)
  • A 50/50 chance of game changing when an opponent scores
  • Use Konami code for easter egg (bonus points if you know what game the easter egg is from)
  • Audio created using Bfxr
  • Artwork created from scratch roughly based on original games


Player 1:
W = Move Up
S = Move Down
D = Thrust / Jump

Player 2:
Up Arrow = Move Up
Down Arrow = Move Down
Right Shift = Thrust / Jump

Things I ran out of time for:

  • Change pipe heights and vary distance each time game changes to Flappy Bird mode to add more variance to game.
  • Add a limit to top score a player can get in order to win, at the moment it is unlimited (agree it between friends).
  • Add a UI for managing game start
  • Have basic AI for single player mode.
  • Sort out proper scaling of UI scores and game across resolutions it is a bit broken :D

Other Notes:

  • This is my first ever game jam, new to Unity
  • This is also my first ever "completed game" / something to build upon and learn
  • Learned a lot doing it, did stream the first 2.5 hours of the creation at (

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Local multiplayer


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Nice work :)