This  game was created over the weekend for Trijam 68.


"Keep your distance"

Navigate and collect three Trigems to unlock doors and progress through the levels. Be careful not to be spotted by the guards.


  • Recommend to view in full screen mode
  • Core game-play / mechanics took about 4 hours to finish. Art was a different story :D
  • Music / Audio sound effects from a Artlist subscription I have
  • Full 3D asset creation and texturing for the Trigem
  • Attached each triangle and textures for anyone to download (feedback welcome, I am very new to 3D asset creation)
  • 3 Levels to complete

Controls (Mouse Only):

Mouse 1 (Click Left Click):   Will navigate  to the location you click on the level.

Things I ran out of time for:

  • More levels with additional difficulty
  • Pick pocket from enemies to get keys and unlock multiple doors in a level

Other Notes:

  • First time submitting a 3D game to Trijam
  • Learnt a whole new set of 3D tools / workflow to create an asset workflow from conception through to its use in the game (Trigem you collect)


Download 3 MB
Download 2 MB
Download 1 MB

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