This  game was created over the weekend for Trijam 68.9.


"Opposite Ends"

Navigate to the end of the track and then relay with the other car to race back to the top. Challenge a friend, fastest time wins!

W = 
A = Turn Left
D = Turn Right
S = Brake
Hold Space = Boost


  • Recommend to view in full screen mode
  • Core game-play / mechanics took about 6 hours to finish. Art 4 hours. 
  • Music / Audio sound effects from a Artlist subscription I have
  • Complete 3D track and painting done for game from scratch
  • Physics / car controller I already had available

Things I ran out of time for:

  • More levels with additional difficulty
  • Custom models and materials for cars
  • Additional vehicles types from hover cars to helicopters to expand on the relay racing idea
  • Fix car orientation when coming off track

Other Notes:

  • Learnt to apply a bit more event based coding patterns to game
  • Learnt how to fix ngon and other mesh issues in Maya
  • Learnt an approach for this kind of car game
  • Learnt some more Cinemachine camera magic :D
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