This  game was created over a day for Trijam 71.



Use your mouse to slice your laser through lollies, watch out as the game progresses though!


  • Recommend to view in full screen mode (don't full screen if your fps drops typically Macs)
  • Core game-play / mechanics took about 4 hours. Art 3 hours. 
  • Music / Audio sound effects from a Artlist subscription I have
  • All models and artwork in the game were created from scratch

Things I ran out of time for:

  • More levels with additional difficulty and loillies and power ups!!!

Other Notes:

  • Created a curved based spawner system to allow visual control over how different types of sliceable objects spawn in the game across time.
  • Feeling like getting the hang of now also being able to quickly create 3D assets and texture them for these quick games
  • Planning is getting better to not race ahead to art and spend more time in the block out phase to find the fun and close the full games loop
  • Improved game design because of the above

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